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Swamp Kids

Currently on submission. Please contact [email protected] for more information


Swamp Kids is a story very close to my heart. Inspired by the world bending events of the last few years, this is a dystopian tale of friendship and slime, with just the right amount of fart jokes.

Since the mysterious swamp contamination, Gogo and friends have been confined to their rooms for their own protection. They are reliant on the toads, who are unaffected, to provide them with food and school lessons until it is safe outside again. But it’s been years since there was any progress and the toads make life unbearable.

When the toads go too far, Gogo and her friends decide to take action. They find a way to safely make their escape! An exciting adventure leads the kids to discover the truth about what happened to the swamp and their parents, and how to save their home.

If you love kick-ass female lead characters, STEM subjects for the win, and weird snails dictating the plot, the Swamp Kids is for you!

Please contact [email protected] for more information

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